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The Accelerated Growth Program


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What's in it for you?

This is a three-step improvement process transforms your company to a high level of profitability with a strong competitive edge in your marketplace.

Phase 1

The first step in our improvement process is getting your house in order. To do this, you must implement system performance measurement metrics along with a constraint based resource scheduling system that synchronizes your resources and focuses management attention on the right things.

Phase 2

The second step is to go through the strategic planning process and establish a continuous goal-setting, goal-achieving routine. The strategic planning process will further elevate the company along a clear path with defined direction and purpose.

Phase 3

The third step in the AGP Program is to develop a product/service offering that the market place simply can’t refuse, positioning your company to dominate your market(s). We identify a core problem in your market that is at the root of the customer concerns and then create a solution for this core problem that is difficult for your competitors to copy.


Client Speaks

I took a consultation with Mr. Prateek on our parental business. I wished to change a lot of things in accordance to the current times and he gave me the right growth formula to grow the business in right direction. I owe him a lot.
Nishant Sharma
Health Care Industry
I am running my manufacturing company since last 5 years but the issues we were hit with due to the COVID situation, bought a U turn in our business and landed us in huge losses. I owe my gratitude to coaches like Prateek, who taught me the right strategies and laid the plans together for leading my company towards growth.
Akhil Gupta
Timber Industry

Who is it for?

Business owners and top level management who manage the core departments of any business.

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